We return with a new episode, a new beer, a new 90's band and a new accent? Listen in as we discuss When I come around by Green Day and our friend James unleashes the accent to end all accents! Also a shout out to our buddies at the Super Best Friend Video Game Sleepover Podcast and to Knee Deep Brewing and their delicious Lupulin River! Stop on by!

Another Toast and Jam podcast, another bad accent! Join us as we travel across the pond to discuss Radiohead and their early hit, High and Dry. Radiohead and Revision Brewing Co. Hops in a can!! Sounds like a match made in heaven. 

We are back with special guest James Rafael!! Join us as we Toast and Jam the Offspring and their classic, Self Esteem. Grab a Samuel Adams Sam '76 and listen as we discuss the band and their PUNK ROCK origins. We missed you!!!

After a week off we are back with the Smashing Pumpkins classic, Cherub Rock! Join us as we reveal frontman Billy Corgan as the vampire that he is! Grab a Revision Brewing Co. Collective Gravity to Toast while we Jam!!

It's time again to Toast and Jam! This time we travel to the majestic land of Canada to break down the Crash Test Dummies and their single Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm. Join us as we have too much fun repeating the song title and unleash our most ridiculous accent to date!!

Today we discuss Silverchair and their debut single Tomorrow. Come in and listen as we continue our streak of bad accents and are amazed by the eternally young band. Grab a Battle of Lords by Revision Brewing Co and Toast as we Jam! 

Oasis - Wonderwall

It's time to find out why the mother of the Gallagher brothers is not mad...just very disappointed as we discuss the hit song Wonderwall by Oasis. As an added bonus, count how many times we call them "jerks" and listen as we reveal the existence of time travelers! Lets Toast and Jam!!  

On this episode we Toast to the fast rise of a little band called Weezer and we Jam their classic, Say It Ain’t So. Listen to our genuine surprise as we discuss how deep this song truly is!

Sublime - Badfish

On this episode Brian flexes his Sublime muscles and schools everyone on their classic Badfish! Listen in and learn a thing or 2!!

Listen as we visit our friends Everclear on the beautiful sun soaked shores of Santa Monica. Also we discuss the new generation of “whiners”. Come by and Toast while we Jam!!

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